Autumn Years Discoveries - Teacher's Guide

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Our Coursebook has 12 lessons which are each divided into two teaching units. There are also two "half" lessons and extra grammar sections. This handbook contains teaching units covering all the lessons and grammar sections - ideas for a whole academic year! The following page gives an overview of how an Autumn Years lesson is typically structured. The final pages in the Teacher's guide contain the answers to all the quizzes, grammar exercises and Extras worksheets. You can make photocopies and hand them out to the students to save you having to check their homework if you wish. Autumn Years Discoveries is aiming to repeat and consolidate everything that has been learned in the previous Autumn Years books. Refferring back to thes books is recommended as necessary. Nevertheless new vocabulary is also included. There are additional interesting facts to provide more background information about the historical stories as well as quizzes for those who are interested.

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